Wednesday 1 May 2013

Braunston to Buckby bottom lock

Braunston to Buckby bottom lock : 6 miles, 13 locks, 1 tunnel
To date : 247 miles, 143 locks

It was time to move on from Braunston.  We stocked up on provisions at the little supermarket in the village, walked to the bottom lock to check out the little canalside store and bought a picture to hang in the boat.  On the way to the store we'd been talking about our pram hood and that we'd need to ask the boys from Kinver Canopies to take a look as one of the press studs felt a little tight.  Amazingly as we returned from the store we saw their van!  Scott walked back to the boat with us and took a look.  It turns out we weren't tightening the rear strap enough.  Thanks again Scott!

At the bottom lock at Braunston we spied nb Yarwood with her newly blacked bottom sitting up on the hardstanding. Mick also took some photos around the workshops and of the old engine house.

Once we and nb Winton's Folly were watered up, we headed off.  First it was the 6 locks at Braunston.  Along the way Carol and I chatted with a lovely French family on their hire boat for the week.  Next came Braunston Tunnel.  I'm not overly keen on them so busied myself making lunch.  We moored up after the tunnel to share our lunch break, have a chat and plan where we'd moor tonight.

We got a little sidetracked at the canalside craft store beside lock number 8.  What a lovely collection of things they have for sale.  We bought a little folding wooden stool - like those Paul and Elaine have on nb Caxton.  An absolute bargain at only 7 pounds.

I also did another little diversion, darting into a lockside farm shop to buy some free range eggs.  In all today we did 13 locks and I can certainly feel it.  The gates on these double locks are so heavy and some of them near impossible to move. 

No television tonight and we'll be sleeping to the sounds of the railway on one side and the M1 motorway on the other. 

The photos will have to speak for themselves today... I'm too tired!

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