Wednesday 22 May 2013

Campbell Park to Fenny Stratford

Bridge 82 Campbell Park to Fenny Stratford: 4 miles, 0 locks
To date : 317 miles, 167 locks

We were on the 48 hour mooring side at Campbell Park so it was time for us to move on.  Mick was out early to put a top coat on the newly painted gunwale so it could be touch dry before we left.  He loves cruising days so we get our batteries up to 100%.  In fact he and Barry are rather neurotic about their batteries!  I got my work done and after a quick lunch we all headed off.

We planned out our stopping points as between us we needed water, gas and a pump out.  We can easily go a month between pump outs which is excellent but we start looking at the 3 week mark.  This time it was Milton Keynes Marina we had in our sights.  We all stopped at the water point just before the marina.  It was painfully slow to fill.  Meanwhile I went to the marina to check out where we needed to go and Barry lugged his gas bottle around there on a trolley.  We had ended up turning off the water tap to nb Winton's Folly to try and speed up the process.  They would then fill their water while we went around to the pump out.  Mick did a sterling job of turning in the marina and reversing into the odd little spot that housed the pumpout.  He's definitely getting better at this caper but there wasn't a breath of wind and that always helps.

Our destination was Fenny Stratford visitor moorings and with us all messing around for so long it was 4pm by the time we reached Fenny.  In the 24 hour visitor moorings there were just 2 left.  Perfect.

A few for today :
1. nb Winton's Folly appearing under a bridge
2. nb Pied Billed Grebe... again!
3. Cottages at Fenny Stratford lock
4. What a lovely weather vane
5. Not sure what these are but they're very pretty



Linda Gifford-Hull said...

All men are neurotic about their batteries!

NB Mary H

Unknown said...

The plant is called green alkanet. Bloody invasive and drive me mad, but the bees love them! :-)

Elly and Mick said...

Linda, I'm glad to hear we aren't alone on this!

Carol, thanks very much. I was hoping someone would tell me.


Unknown said...

You can also boil up the root to make red dye