Thursday 2 May 2013

Buckby bottom lock to Weedon Bec

Buckby bottom lock to Weedon Bec : 3 miles, 0 locks
To date : 250 miles, 143 locks

When we were here in the UK in 2010 we stumbled across an unusual little shopping complex built around what seems to be old stable or other farm buildings.  We couldn't remember where it was that we saw it but we had turned the car around to go back for a better look. It was quite early in the day and only 2 of the shops were open - one being the best kitchenware shop I've ever been in.  Imagine my delight on seeing in our canal guide a place that sounded just like this one we'd visited.  It wasn't that big a walk from where we were moored so off we went.

It was much better visiting with all the shops open and better still there was now a decent antique store.  We enjoyed the browsing.  Mick saw the perfect sign for him and even agreed to hold it so I could take a photo. I got a hat with a large floppy brim for summer.  Red with spots!  Next stop was the kitchenware store.  I'd been keeping an eye out for a Le Creuset casserole dish in the blue colour to match the things that I already have back at home.  I remembered this shop had a large range and I wasn't disappointed.  We haven't quite worked out how we'll get it home - it'll take up half our luggage allowance!   They even had a couple of cookbook stands crammed with every possible Australian Women's Weekly cookbook.

Finally the antique shop.  They had 9 samplers hanging on a wall.  I'm lucky to stumble across one of them in 6 months at home.  One of the proprietors was a collector.  We agonized a little and bargained a little but now there's a parcel being shipped back to Australia on Monday with a couple of new acquisitions.  They even agreed to include the one we bought 6 months ago in the shipment. 

It was lunchtime by the time we got back to the boat.  We had a bit of lunch, I did a bit more work and we headed off towards Weedon Bec.  It was a stunning day today.  Probably the best we've had.  The sun was out and there wasn't a breath of wind.  It really was a perfect day for cruising.  We have a bit of a stretch without access to a decent sized supermarket so we wanted to order an Ocado delivery.  We got a mooring right by a bridge so we're all set for tomorrow.  It's the first time we've placed an order while out cruising so we are hoping it will go as smoothly as when we ordered at the marina.

Photos of a sunny day :
1. Mick and his motto
2. Heart of the Shires shopping village
3. And again
4. So many samplers
5. All the way from home
6. Le Creuset heaven
7. Last nights mooring
8. One pretty bridge
9. Happy to have a sunny day
10. Another pretty bridge
11. Great name
12. One more

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