Saturday 18 May 2013

Cosgrove to Wolverton

Cosgrove to Wolverton : 2 miles, 0 locks
To date : 307 miles, 167 locks

There was only a short cruise ahead of us today as we planned on getting to Wolverton.  Carol came over to show me her face was swollen on one side..... seems she has an infection from her tooth.  So, another thing on the list of things to do at Wolverton.

When we last went that way we noticed a fantastic looking antique store beside an old wharf.  It was too late to stop to look by the time we noticed it so we decided we'd stop on the way back.  The way back was a Monday and the shop was shut!  We had no hope of getting in against that wharf anyway, there was way too much sludge on the bottom and we almost got stuck.  Moored up was a steel barge type thing so we decided to time our next time passing that way to be when the shop would be open and we'd tie up to that barge.  Today was the day.  We managed to butty up to the barge just fine and nb Winton's Folly tied up to us.  We all went shopping.  I found a couple of old "pot lids" which is something we have a little collection of back at home.  Barry and Carol found a framed mirror for the wall of their boat.  It was worth the stop.

Not much further on was the place we'd previously moored in Wolverton.  There's good access to supermarkets and a few other useful shops.  It's a very urban mooring, lined with apartments.

We slept much better last night, or should I say this morning, after having the last few days struggled to sleep any more once it's daylight.  And... it's daylight before 5am!  We like to have the waterside porthole open in the bedroom for fresh air while we sleep but last night we put a bung in that porthole to prevent the morning light streaming straight into our faces.  It solved the problem but it mightn't be so easy once the weather warms up.  We'll re-address it then.

A few of today :
1. nb Winton's Folly about to cross the aqueduct at Cosgrove
2. A happy spaniel with an enormous stick!
3. Love this bird house
4. & 5. Moored at Wolverton

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