Tuesday 21 May 2013

A day in port - Milton Keynes

Have you noticed that I like Milton Keynes?  I feel like the last couple of days I've been raving on about how lovely it is!  And now today again.

Today's plan was shopping!  Yes, Roly, again.  We are moored at the end of Campbell Park which is enormous.  It's about a mile walk through the park to reach The Centre MK - a shopping centre that is also enormous.  The layout is fantastic and there is almost everything in there.  We enjoyed the walk through the park and then a couple of hours browsing.  We really can't buy much as there's no room to store anything and we don't need anything much.  We did pick up a couple of bits and pieces though.

One thing Mick was particularly looking forward to was lunch at Yo Sushi.  He's a big fan of Japanese food and loves sushi.  We enjoyed our lunch and we'll look out for another of them when we get to London.

When we got back to the boat I had work to do and Mick got into a project he'd been planning for a while.  We had decided to paint from the gunwale down in black.  There was lots of bits of paint taken off from below the gunwale and it's very hard to try and match the existing blue colour when painting just a small section.  This way it can be touched up when necessary. 

Barry sat out on the bench seat watching proceedings.  He is often seen out doing paintwork touch ups so he's earned his spectator time.  Carol made cups of tea when it was over (just the one side of course) and we sat out as the black cloud gathered. 

There have been a lot of feathered babies around today.  There were two little coot mothers on the pond, a mother duck with four tiny ducklings and a pair of swans with their young.

Photos :
1. Buttied up on arrival at the visitor moorings
2. A swan bum
3. A pretty mooring
4. Bottle brush at the shopping centre - a reminder of home
5. - 7. The swan family
8. - 9. Beginning the job
10. Barry watching
11. Done!
12. I love this view from the boat today
13. Carol watering her garden
14. The first attempt with the camera timer
15. And a slightly better job of it
16. Sky getting darker


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Rowland Webb said...

Hi guys Elly you could always take some ballast out Mick like the gunnels stay safe