Monday 13 May 2013

Another day at Blisworth

A rainy day today.  I had work to do and Mick got stuck into some of his list of things to do.  First he washed the outside of the boat.  All his hard work polishing was spoiled by the dirty water falling on the inside of the Blisworth Tunnel the other day.  It was a bit of a balancing act washing the side away from the pontoon.

He pulled apart the waste pipes on the shower to give them another clean out.  Everything got a lime scale treatment and the cratch got a tidy out.

I pulled the dinette apart and stored away some winter clothes and the extra duvet in vac sealed bags.  I love it when we've tidied up and everything's in its place.

We noticed there was a boat across the marina from us with little crowns on the hull.  It was nb Milty.

Just a few today :
1. Barry's jigsaw puzzle.  Something to do instead of watching tv.
2. Mick washing off "Blisworth Tunnel gunk"
3. Another Crown narrowboat

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