Thursday 30 May 2013

Marsworth Junction to Cowroast Bridge 136

Marsworth Junction to Cowroast Bridge 136 : 3 miles, 7 locks
To date : 338 miles, 190 locks

Despite clear skies when we first got up, we headed off in the rain again this morning.  The cloud blew in and the day turned dark and dreary.  We’re used to this now and we were better prepared.  I dug out the winter boots and waterproofs.

Our first stop was just beyond the junction to fill our water tanks.  We messed about there for some time with Barry and Carol walking to look at a garden centre.   There are some lovely old buildings at the wharf and one of them had garden sculptures for sale.

We’ve been keeping the rear hatch only half open to minimize the rain getting onto the timberwork inside.  I managed to give myself a good whack on the head when I went outside in a hurry. 

We had seven locks to do.  It didn't seem so bad in the rain this time.  At last I have some confidence getting the boat into the locks.  I'm not super fast at it but I can get the boat into the lock without touching the sides, even if nb Winton's Folly is already in there.  Finally!

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