Monday 6 May 2013

Work and gongoozlers

I thought I'd work Sunday instead of Monday this week so I have a day free when we head off down the locks.  I felt like a fish in a goldfish bowl!  I guess we have to expect that if we moor in a popular place on a bank holiday weekend.  The place was heaving. The weather has cleared again after an overcast day yesterday with some rain.  Today has been warm and sunny which will bring out the crowds. 

Mick started off with drilling heavy duty magnets into the back of the little stool we bought the other day.  It sits just nicely against the end of the kitchen bench now.  He spent the rest of his day outside washing and polishing and chatting to passersby.  I kept hearing "g'day mate", "take it easy", "cheers mate".

Today :
1. The new stool in its place
2. And ready to sit on
3. The view from my office
4. Quite a crowd
5. People peering into my office!

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