Friday 3 May 2013

Weedon Bec to Bridge 49

Weedon Bec to Bridge 49 : 8 miles, 0 locks
To date : 258 miles, 143 locks

I had some work to catch up on today so I was up earlier and sitting at my desk.  I had a couple of visitors to the side hatch.... a pair of swans.  Mick messed about with the tv aerial.  We bought some brackets and a telescopic pole to try and make the arrangement a bit neater. 

Just before lunch we went for a wander to check out the antique shops.  We'd visited Weedon Bec a couple of times before by car and remembered there were a couple of good ones.  Just as we passed the pub to go back to the boat to collect our Ocado grocery bags (they take them back and recycle them) we saw the Ocado van pull into the car park 10 minutes early.  That was a bonus! 

Mick cruised on while I unpacked the shopping and rustled up some lunch.  We were planning to make a stop at Heyford Fields to visit Dave and Gary of Boating Leisure Services.  We've booked in for a week or two away to have some maintenance dealt with and the engine serviced.  Such helpful fellows.

We cruised on in the sunshine for another hour and a bit.  I went inside to start preparing dinner and when I opened the fridge door a bottle of balsamic salad dressing fell out and broke!  Oh, the smell.  I gave the carpet and the fridge a good wash but dinner was a little later in preparation.

We found Barry and Carol sitting on the canalside enjoying the sun.  Once we were moored up in front of them we pulled out our new folding chairs and we pooled our chicken and tarragon dinner with Barry and Carol's chilli.  It was lovely sitting outside watching boats and walkers go by.

Remembering today :
1. The feathered visitors
2. He came right up to the open side hatch
3. This one's for Andy and Sue
4. A grey heron
5. Another sorry tale
6. Gayton Junction
7. For Tammy
8. C'mon boys!
9. Dinner canalside


Andy said...

Hi Elly and Mick

Jim Shead boat listings have 32 Festina Lente's... only 30 more to find!

Andy and Sue

Elly and Mick said...

Andy, I'll see how many I find by the time we return to Oz!