Saturday 20 April 2013

A day in port - Nuneaton

Today we had a wander around Nuneaton town centre.  There's quite a few shops and we managed to pick up a few bits and pieces we had on our list.  Mick went on to find Halfords to buy some more polish for the boat and I returned to work.  There was a Lidl supermarket on the way back.  The photo doesn't show it too well but in the middle of the carpark is a very nice old house.  What a shame it's now surrounded on three sides by a supermarket carpark!

While sitting at the dinette having our lunch today I spied something swimming on the other side of the canal.  The little creature was an excellent swimmer and climbed onto a clump of grass hanging into the water.  It was a water vole we were later told.  I scrambled for my camera but at the crucial moment a boat came by!

It was a lovely day today with very pleasant weather.  It's just perfect being out on the canals when it's like this. 

This evening there was another reason to grab the camera.  Mick heard the sound of a traditional engine and looking out it was Kestrel and butty Northolt.  The dim light and a photo out the kitchen window didn't give a great result but it was nice to see them chugging past.  We'll have to visit a historic boat rally some time so we can have a better look at some of these lovely old boats.

Photos today :
1. House in a supermarket carpark
2. A very ornate building in Nuneaton
3. Kestrel with Northolt being pulled behind
4. Northolt

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Rowland Webb said...

Not shopping again you're going to want a bigger boat take care roly .