Sunday 14 October 2012

Harder than we thought

I've been trying to keep positive and write about nice things that have happened.... but...

We were both saying yesterday that this whole process of getting started has been much harder than we ever expected.  Every single thing we do every day has involved learning something new!  I cope with this ok but Mick certainly doesn't.  What I don't cope with is his not coping!  There has been a fair bit of frustration and we are both a bit frazzled... or maybe it's just me that's frazzled. It is definitely time to get moving and start our adventure.

We were relieved to find there was nothing wrong with the washing machine after all.  It was just a wrongly pressed button.  Phew!

Yesterday we took the hire car back to Chester.  One of the fellows from Thrifty drove us to the railway station and we caught the train back to Crewe.  The trip took all of 15 minutes and cost us £10 each!  Wow, I could just about go from Bendigo to Melbourne for that!!  Our friend, Lynne, came down from Ormskirk with a friend, collected us from Crewe and drove us back to the boat.  

We had our chairs being delivered late afternoon so we waited for them to arrive and then went for an early dinner at the Badger Inn in Church Minshull.  By the time we got back to the boat it was nearly 8.30 but now we had nowhere to sit.  The old chairs had gone to Alan and the new ones were in their boxes waiting to be put together.  We decided to make a start on it.  Well.... if Ikea furniture is a pain to put together, imagine trying to do that in the corridor of your house.  We grovelled around on the floor for what seemed like forever but by 10pm or just after, we were done.  We tested them out for half and hour and went to bed.

Pics for today :
1. The cratch is a poor excuse for a shed!
2. Seeya Jack, we enjoyed your company.
3. A lovely building in Church Minshull.


Nev Wells said...


Sometimes the little bits conspire to muddle the picture, very shortly it will all drop into place and you will see the real joy and benefit of your very brave decision. Don't sweat the small stuff as someone once said also helps !

Hope to meet you oln the cut sometime soon,

Nev nb Waterlily

Tom and Jan said...

Cheer up Elly...... It will be fun after you get over the steep learning curve. In a couple of months you're going to look back at the first few weeks and smile at how you were able to cope with the massive change!
All the best

Tom & Jan

Caroline and Martin said...

you will enjoy yourselves, and when you get out of the marina you will find that things get increasingly easier,your own timetable, you decide. You'll look back in a couple of months and wonder why you were stressing, it's your dream and time to live it. Caroline

Elly and Mick said...

Thanks everyone... we're out on our way and feeling more positive. Now we just have to learn to handle the boat and that's less stressful than the the last week's been!