Monday 15 October 2012

Winter mooring

We had booked into Mercia Marina for Winter and were happy with that choice.  It's a lovely marina with great services.

The other day when we went to Stone to visit Ray and Diane, they said they were disappointed we weren't joining them at Aston and had asked the marina if they had a berth available on the same pontoon as them.  At first we didn't give it an awful lot of thought. Stone itself is a fantastic little town with everything you could possibly need.  It has a lovely atmosphere and we really liked it.  But we'd made a booking and just a day or two before had sent off our deposit to Mercia.

We had such an enjoyable chat with Ray, Diane, Paul and Elaine that as we drove away from Aston Marina ...

Elly : "I really like this marina"
Mick : "Me too"
Elly : "It has such a great farmshop"
Mick : "Yes, it does"
Elly : "And, it would be nice to be so near a great town like Stone"
Mick : "I agree"
Elly : "Wish we could come here for Winter and be near the others"
Mick : "Me too"
Elly : "Do you think Mercia would refund our deposit?"
Mick : "I'm turning back!"

And so we did.  We turned back and went into the office to ask them to reserve us the berth just down from nb Ferndale.  Turns out they already had it reserved in our name. :)  I rang Diane who was with Ray checking out nb Caxton on the other side of the marina.  I told her we were coming to Aston.  Yay!!  As we drove away for the second time there were four tiny figures standing on the back of a boat way across the marina and they were all waving madly.  We were too.  Can't wait to see you all again


Paul and El said...

Yay good choice, when will you be here?


Yvonne said...

Having checked out both marinas ourselves just in case we needed winter moorings, I think you made the right decision. Aston definitely seemed the friendlier place and when you're there for any length of time that's very important.

Elly and Mick said...

Paul, we're aiming to be there the beginning of December.

Yvonne, they were actually very nice to us at Mercia but it's definitely much much bigger.

We'll look forward to our time at Aston in the company of some fellows Aussies!