Friday 1 March 2013

Speyer cathedral

Whenever I visit Claudia I make sure I go for a walk to the cathedral.  It's hard for Australians to imagine a building that has been standing since the year 1124.  How on earth did they build something of this size so long ago and for it to still be standing.  The cathedral is so amazing and beneath it is a crypt with tombs of German emperors and kings buried there between 1000-1300.

I love to hear the bells ringing from the cathedral or other nearby churches as I walk in the town.  I've been in the cathedral on a Sunday once and the music felt like it travelled right through you.  Today it was very quiet - only a school group down in the crypt.  I picked up a brochure that had been translated into English and read "The visitor reaches the cathedral from the West and walks through the cathedral to the East. On his way through the cathedral, the visitor shall leave all illness and darkness behind him...." and "The porch (they mean portico) has three possible entry portals, the cathedral has only one access. The numerous people who are coming into the porch, can only enter the cathedral individually and in succession. It is like the narrow portal to heaven." What lovely thoughts.  I'm not religious but I just find the place so soothing!

Photos :
1. Approaching the cathedral - just visible over the rooftops
2. Front of the cathedral - West face
3. Amazing walls and columns and paintings
4. Inside the front portico
5. The view from the front door
6.-7. The crypt



nb AmyJo said...

I've heard of cathedral Speyer but never seen it in real life myself. We often joke it was named after our family who originate from Germany. Our family name is Spreyer :-)

Elly and Mick said...

Sounds like a good reason for a visit to Germany! It's worth visiting. Amazing place.