Wednesday 10 April 2013

Whittington to Fazeley Junction

Whittington to Fazeley Junction : 6 miles, 0 locks
To date : 167 miles, 111 locks, 20 lift bridges, 7 tunnels, 7 aqueducts

Today we moved on to reach the shopping facilities at Fazeley Junction.  We didn't rush off in the morning so I had time for work.  it was lovely to cruise with a lookout ahead of us.  We gave Barry and Carol one of our walkie talkies and received advance notifications of interesting buildings or nesting swans and ducks.  They know what interests us! 

Spring must be hovering just around the corner.  There are nests everywhere now.  The first photo below was outside Barry and Carol's galley window this morning.  She sat there on her nest quacking at him and he hovered in the water below nodding his head!

We stopped along the way for a towpath coffee and there was even a bit of filtered sun.  It was lovely.  We're going to have to buy a couple of folding chairs for this purpose.

In the afternoon we had a walk in Fazeley and on the way we passed a boat with a custom built "butty" that fitted onto the bow of their boat.  We'd seen a similar arrangement at Ellesmere.  We got chatting to the fellow and it turns out his butty will be a chocolate shop.  Another boat business coming soon.

This evening we had dinner on Winton's Folly and discussed cruising to London.  What an amazing experience that will be... cruising through Little Venice and mooring in Paddington Basin.  Can't wait.

The last photo is for nb Caxton... for you Elaine.


Anonymous said...


We passed you whilst on Lola but did not have the chance to say hello apart from the brief wave as we passed.

We did take a photo which we will post on our blog


Paul an Kath
Nb lola
www. Canalblog23.

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Paul and Kath,
Shame we didn't see you. Maybe another time.