Saturday 25 May 2013

Day in port Slapton

We set the alarm to wake up this morning... something we rarely do these days.  Enterprise rang before 8.30am to say they were on their way to collect us.  We headed off for our walk to the local pub carpark.  The fellow was extremely helpful and the paperwork was processed in no time. We were back at the boat at 9.15am.

With me having felt a little off colour the last couple of days, and with it being a dreadful day weatherwise, we all decided to visit Brackley.  We'd been told there was a large antique centre there.  There was, and we enjoyed the visit.  It filled in an hour or two.  We then retired to the local pub for lunch.  The food wasn't bad but there was an elderly gentleman who had a very unfortunate and unpleasant "accident".  Right put us off our lunch it did!!

It was pouring rain still and our 3 hours free parking was up so we headed off again with no fixed plan in mind.  We passed a very large housing development on the edge of Milton Keynes so decided to go and look at show homes.  It was a lovely way to fill in a rainy afternoon.

We did a bit of a detour on the way back to try and find a pub we'd read had won an award. We got a little lost along the way with the boys in the back seat making a huge fuss about Carol's navigating.  I'm the designated driver as I'm not much of a drinker.

We stopped at the Carpenters Arms in Slapton to check it out.  We thought it might be good for dinner Saturday night after our big day out at the Crick Boat Show, seeing we couldn't find the award winning one.  We enjoyed a drink there and watched some of the locals playing a pub version of billiards.  I can't remember what it was called but it was a small table where they played only from the end with about 8 balls.  There was about 10 holes in the table surface and three little "pins" that shouldn't be knocked over.  Interesting, it was.

The rain hadn't stopped so we trudged back to the boat from our little carpark.

Just a couple today :
1. Carol chatting to a couple out fishing
2. A kitchen over-cupboard I really like (to be remembered for our house back home!)


Ian said...

The pub game is called bar billiards. Ian

Elly and Mick said...

Thanks Ian.
I asked around and found out what it was called. Great game for a small space!