Friday 14 June 2013

Borough Market

We were talking about all the folk we met at Aston Marina over the Winter.  I thought I'd chase up whe  re everyone was now.  So, here it is :

nb Parisien Star - Elly and Mick - Little Venice, then via the Thames towards Oxford
nb Winton's Folly - Carol and Barry - Little Venice, then via the Thames towards Oxford
nb Josephine - Jean and Andy - Little Venice, I think they're doing the same!
nb Ferndale - Diane and Ray - just arrived back at Aston Marina
nb Caxton - Elaine and Paul - Barby, and making their way to London
nb Two Jays - Joan and Jim - just left Stratford on Avon, and making their way to Oxford
nb Klara - Bev and Roly - Penkridge, and making their way to Chester
nb Shoehorn - Malcolm and Gil - Polesworth, and making their way back to Aston Marina
nb Ewn Ha Cul - Gordon and Dot - just crossed The wash!

Meanwhile, our plan for today was a visit to Borough Market.  It doesn't open until 11am so I had a couple of hours to try and catch up work a little.  I'm getting behind with all this sightseeing!  We played Canasta with Barry and Carol last night and today they're off to Greenwich.

Mick, despite his grumbling, seems to be taking the Tube in his stride.  We did have an unpleasant leg on our trip today with the carriage full of people.  It's so claustrophobic standing there with no fresh air and people crammed against you.  I hate it too.

The market was fantastic. We really enjoyed it.  The stalls were so beautifully presented and what an amazing array of products.  Such choice!  There were so many different mushrooms and tomatoes available as well as a big seafood range, breads and pastries, dried fruits, olives, herbs, spices, truffle, and unusual meats - including kangaroo, emu and crocodile. Across the road was a fancy cheese shop called Neil's Yard Dairy.  I'd heard of it somewhere, perhaps on tv, and it really was a great shop. We bought some goodies for our dinner tonight; some nice cheese, a loaf of lovely looking bread, some salami, figs, and a couple of other bits and pieces.  We had our lunch there from a stall.  It was getting quite crowded once lunchtime came around.

We'd highly recommend checking out Borough Market if you visit London.


Yvonne said...

Borough Market is my favourite place in London! In the past we've even got the train from Macclesfield just to go there food shopping....

Elly and Mick said...

Yvonne, it would have to be up there as one of my favourites too. I'm thinking of a return visit!