Saturday 8 June 2013

Rickmansworth to Uxbridge

Rickmansworth to Uxbridge : 8 miles, 7 locks
To date : 364 miles, 232 locks

This morning we made the huge journey to the other side of the canal to moor outside Tesco.  We made the most of the excellent mooring to stock up on any heavy items we needed. 

Then we were off to tackle the 7 locks ahead of us.  There was a lovely lock cottage at one of them.  They had lots of old rusty things on display at the front, including a fantastic old sign that Mick would have loved to add to his collection back home.  It had a pretty stretch of planting along the front with the most enormous poppies I've ever seen.

Further on we noticed a large collection of farm buildings, black painted timber which is a bit more unusual over here.  Mick was reading his canal guide this evening and it said they were used in the film "Black Beauty". 

Now we're passing lots and lots of moored boats or all shapes, sizes and states of repair.  There are still plenty of very nice properties and interesting buildings too. Another lock was right beside a B&B called Black Jack's Mill. 

Reaching Uxbridge, our destination for the day, it wasn't so easy to moor up.  The visitor moorings were full and beyond, although it looked ok, it was so shallow we couldn't get anywhere close to the bank.  Any wonder there were no boats moored along that entire stretch.  In the end we pulled the boats back and nb Winton's Folly tied up half across a mooring that the fellow in the cottage beside it said was used very rarely by British Water.  We buttied up to them.

A selection for the day :
1. - 4. Lockside cottage with a collection of rusty old stuff
5. Fantastic farm buildings
6. Rather grand house by a lock
7. Rows and rows of moored boats
8. Suspended high on some framework
9. - 11. Nice houses
11. Old wharf building
12. - 14. Black Jack's Mill B&B
15. An extremely deep lock
16. A boat with a roof terrace!

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