Monday 24 June 2013

Chertsey to Wraysbury

Chertsey to Wraysbury : 8 miles, 3 locks
To date : 438 miles, 260 locks

I was up early this morning and the sky was blue!  Pity it didn't last.

Today was Mick's birthday but he'd rather not discuss it.  Barry and Carol were having none of that and came knocking on the hatch bearing gifts and cards. They'd found the perfect birthday card too - to remind him of his paranoia about our batteries reaching 100%.  Mick's other boat obsessions are "hoovering" the floors and finding somewhere to dispose of the rubbish bag each day so he got a "Henry Hoover" and a waste bin from Barry and Carol.  Very appropriate.  Andy and Jean... Mick says thanks for thinking of him on his birthday.

We headed off today with a lot more confidence.  The locks are a doddle despite the wind.  We shared them with some enormous cruisers today.  It's interesting seeing so many different types of boats around.  As usual there were many fantastic properties along the way.



We arrived at the planned moorings but it wasn't so easy to get a spot.  There was a section with an underwater obstruction, a section so shallow we couldn't get near it, and another section with no mooring for 40ft.  The only possibility was at the beginning of the moorings.  We tied the stern of nb Winton's Folly to a tree and the bow to a fence.  There was a little clearing between a couple of trees that previous moorers had obviously used as access.  Although the bow of the boats was well out from the bank it worked ok.  A tree branch hung over so far that we couldn't put the window in our pram cover.  Barry quickly grabbed at it and showered Carol with little bugs.  Unimpressed with his efforts she took over the proceedings and eventually managed to break off the end of the branch.  Problem solved.  We are right under the flight path from Heathrow Airport which is about 3 or 4 miles away.  The planes haven't stopped since we arrived.

Before dinner (Carol cooked another birthday dinner for us) we went for a drink for Mick's birthday at the pub beside our mooring.  It's called The Bells of Ouzeley.  Carol and I thought it was pretty exciting to sit on a sofa for a change.  I don't think we've sat on a sofa since we were at Lynne's before Christmas!

PS.... added February 2014... it was Mick's 50th Birthday but he wouldn't allow me to say so at the time.


Sue said...

Happy Birthday Mick! Looks like you had a great day.

Looks like too you are getting used to Thames moorings!

I do hope we are all stopped in the same place this week so I can mark all the moorings in your book.

It would take me an age to write them all down

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Sue,

We're planning on staying Monday night just beyond Windsor.

I can't remember if your comments are moderated so don't want to leave my mobile phone number but if you want to leave your number I won't publish the comment. Then I could text you the next mooring place. Would me nice to meet in person!


Diane and Ray said...

Happy birthday Mick. I see you have joined the grumpy old man club too

Elly and Mick said...

Thanks D&R,
I love that sign... so appropriate!

Ade said...

What a nice place to be for your 50th.
Mine is in 2 days time Monday so I'll be joining the over 50s club. I'm not bothered it just another year older and wiser and your only as old as you feel!
Looks like your Thames experience is going to be great.


Elly and Mick said...

Happy 50th birthday Ade! Hope it's a great day.
Mick enjoyed his. :)