Wednesday 5 June 2013

Hemel Hempstead to Kings Langley

Bridge 151 to Home Park Lock : 4 miles, 7 locks
To date : 349 miles, 213 locks

Another sunny day!  I was awake early again and got in a couple of hours work.  Mick got up early too to work on the shower. It's finished today so I'll take a photo tomorrow.   I walked into the town centre for a haircut and then we were off again.

It was lovely to be on the move in the sunshine.  Just one lock along we stopped for water, groceries and some lunch then went on our way again.  It was one of the days we came here for.... mild weather... sunshine... good company. 

At one of the locks a pair of fire engines backed down the path beside us and I thought Carol was going to have a melt down at the sight of all those young guys in uniforms.  She was so pre-occupied she almost tripped over!  She still hadn't recovered by the following lock and when it was empty and I'd opened my gate she was still perched on the gate with her eyes shut.  Mick beeped the horn on the boat to wake her up.

The place we planned to moor for tonight turned out to be not suitable so we ended up just before Home Park Lock.  It's a little shallow at the edges but we've managed.

An hour or so after we moored up Mick looked out to see a very little boy waving madly from a passing row boat.  "Ahoy there!" the little guy called out.  Mum, who was rowing, turned their wooden boat to come back and say hello.  She had two little boys with her and we had a lovely chat with them.  They were all very curious about our life aboard.

Photos of a lovely day:
1. Gorgeous sunset last night
2. Barry looking relaxed and Carol working the lock
3. Mick in contemplation
4. Very nice canalside properties
5. Carol at the helm... only for a moment
6.  More canalside properties... these with moorings
7. Our rowboat visitors

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Ade said...

A proper English summer day that looks.
Could do with one of them as we head into our very dark short days!