Saturday 12 April 2014

A big "last"

Coven to Penkridge : 8 miles, 6 locks
To date : 1164 miles, 826 locks

Bit of a sad day today.  It was our last day cruising with nb Winton's Folly.  Tonight we are moored in Penkridge and we will be heading off without them when we leave here.  Just look at their faces in the photo below when I called out to them this morning as we headed off "This is our last day cruising together!". The weather put on a good show for this day with the sun making regular and lengthy appearances.  The blossom is already beginning to rain down on the water and the roof of the boat was covered in white confetti.

As we reached within a mile or so of the Roundhouse Mick said that the boat moored just ahead was the same colour as one of those we had a bad experience with last year on this same stretch.  As we passed it we noticed there was no name or registration and immediately around the bend were the other two of the boats in the convoy, both nameless and registrationless.  We chugged quietly passed hoping they didn't look out and remember us!  Although with attitudes like that they probably have encounters with other boaters all the time so we wouldn't be memorable.  We won't be forgetting them in a hurry.

We enjoyed sharing the lock work today and chatting to the boaters we passed in the sunshine.  Having had a rather unpleasant encounter with a nasty boater the other day, which totally rattled Mick, it was just what we needed to be chatting to friendly folk all day.  We go out of our way to keep the peace, help people out, and avoid confrontation, so when it happens it does upset us.  Luckily it's only been a couple of occasions.

This afternoon Mick did some maintenance chores.  He was happy as a lark out there on the towpath while Carol and I had a last boaty cup of tea.  She'll be busy with the grandkids tomorrow. 

Our thoughts have been with our fellow Aussies in Queensland today with cyclone Ita approaching Cooktown... especially Gemma who is away from her home and animals with her brand new car stranded at Cairns airport which is being closed in preparation.  The storm surge is predicted to affect the entire length of coast down to Cairns.  Hope all is well.

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