Monday 14 April 2014

Windy Tixall Wide

There was a bit of unfortunate excitement at Tixall Wide today.  A lady who is a diabetic had a turn while standing at the back of their boat and fell into the water.  Her husband leapt straight in after her leaving the boat cruising on without them.  It crashed into another boat and eventually came to a stop in the reeds on the opposite side of the canal.  The many people walking the towpath were all talking about the incident and last I heard the boat they crashed into had the kettle on and was making cups of tea.

It's been a gloriously sunny day but a real shame about the wind.  What started as a perfectly still morning at 6am soon developed into howling winds.  We could actually hear it whistling by the boat.

Mick did his paint touch ups, I did a huge cupboard clean out and then the afternoon working so I wouldn't have to work tomorrow.  We had a large number or walkers passing by wanting to stop and chat.  The Aussie flag seems to attract the majority of them (although our Aussie flag attracted some unpleasantness the other day!!).  Most are amazed we've come from the other side of the world to live on a boat in their country for a year.

It was a busy day on the canal and there were many boats passing by in both directions.  We've enjoyed mooring here with wide open views.


Peter Berry said...

Hi Elly,
throughout your time in the UK, and contained in many of your posts are references to various incidents of "unpleasantness", without describing them in detail. I have no doubt this has been an experience of a lifetime for you, but I, and probably others would be interested what these unpleasant moments consisted of and how they came about. Perhaps once you are home you could make up a type of "advice" post for others who might follow in your footsteps on how to avoid confrontation. I suppose there are obnoxious types in any society.

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Peter,
I will definitely keep that in mind. The reason I haven't described a couple of these incidents is that we were concerned about recriminations if the people were to google the boat name and read the blog.
I will write about them when we're home again!
Elly :)