Thursday 17 April 2014

Survey day

Fradley Junction above to below : 1/2 mile, 3 locks
To date : 1186 miles, 838 locks

Today was survey day part one. We decided we would head down the three locks and moor at the bottom, opposite the cafe.  Yesterday when I walked down to investigate there was just one boat moored on the whole stretch down there.  We expected the surveyor, and Tore and Kirsten, at 10am so headed off with plenty of time to get through the locks.

It took us much longer than we expected.  Every man and his dog were going through those locks early this morning!  There was traffic!  And, much to my dismay there wasn't a lot of space left on the moorings. The two boats through the last lock ahead of us pulled in on the fast diminishing space.  It was with relief we found there was room for us at the end.   It had taken so long that it was near on 10am already.

The surveyor got on with his job while we drank cups of coffee, chatted, and then had lunch at the cafe with Tore and Kirsten.  We saw the surveyor leaving the boat just across from the cafe and come around to talk briefly.  After lunch we went for a couple of drinks at the pub right on the junction.  What an enjoyable afternoon sitting in the sun.  We can't believe our luck to find buyers for the boat who we get along with well and enjoy their company!

Once they'd gone we put all the bits and bobs back together... there had been some dismantling and unpacking for the surveyor.  Soon after we had another visitor, of the feathered kind.  A friendly goose.  We had an ongoing stream of motorbikes passing by.  Mick walked back to the pub to check out the motorcycle gathering, having a chat with some of them.

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