Thursday 10 April 2014

Another good run

Knighton (bridge 47) to Stretton Aqueduct : 14 miles, 1 lock
To date : 1149 miles, 819 locks

Nice sunrise this morning.  I worked as we cruised for most of the day today.  We've done this stretch before and there's few locks.  We stopped at Wheaton Aston for cheap diesel and ended up stopping just before the Stretton Aqueduct with the sun streaming in the windows.

I'm glad we made a bit day of it yesterday as it takes the pressure off the rest of the week.  We did well today too covering 14 miles.  Carol has a date for Saturday with a group of 4 year olds.  She's in the running for granny of the year for sure!  It's little Molly's birthday and besides a visit to the farm, she and her little friends are having afternoon tea on granny's boat.  Won't those little girls have something to talk about when they get home.  I reckon there might be a few mums wanting to tag along.

We have our boat buyers arriving from Denmark on Monday so will be looking for a convenient place to meet up with them.  Then on one of the following couple of days we'll have the surveyor coming to do the in water survey.  It will all be feeling a whole lot more final then.

As I sorted through some of the stuff in our cupboard the day before I came across a little jar of small change.  I haven't been using a conventional purse since we've been here so often empty out the small coins when I have too many.  Suddenly I knew what I would do with the contents of the jar.  When I'd gone to buy eggs from the lock side stall.... the one that had their honesty tin stolen... there had been only 2 half dozens left and I'd given one to Carol.  I thought I'd go back in the morning on our way through the lock.  I picked up another half dozen eggs and some of the ladies delicious baked goodies. I left payment for those and then in a little bag I left the contents of the change jar with a note saying who it was from and why.  Last night I had a message from the lady who owns the stall to say thank you.  I'm glad such a small gesture could make somebody happy.


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Sue said...

That was so nice of you to do that Elly, I will be adding a bit too on our way back. It makes it all worth while for her when she knows how much her stuff is appreciated.