Tuesday 15 April 2014

Tore and Kirsten

Tixall Wide to Great Haywood : 1 mile, 0 locks
To date : 1174 miles, 832 locks

It was a big day for us today.... not only for us, but for Tore and Kirsten as well.  They were coming to see the boat for the first time.  How well we remember the day we did the same.  It somehow seems appropriate to me that they've bought Parisien Star in just the same manner that we did.

We were up early and what a glorious morning it was.  We were on our way and got to Great Haywood at about 7am.  We reversed back onto the water point and waited for a friendly fellow who we've chatted with before when we've been here.  While we waited for his tank to fill I went walking to investigate the mooring possibilities.  They weren't real good with only one space available just before the lock.  Once we had done our own watering up we settled in on the mooring to have the cup of coffee we skipped after breakfast.  Within an hour boats started moving off and suddenly there was a long vacant space behind us. 

I sent a message to Tore to let them know where they could find us and bagged up the clothes that we'll take to a charity shop.  Mick gave the boat a polish so she'd be looking her best.  I got chatting to the folk a couple of boats back until we spied Mick waving madly to me.  There had been a message back from Tore saying they'd arrived and were on their way.

We spent a lovely couple of hours showing Tore and Kirsten around and chatting over coffee.   Our girl lives up to their expectations so we're all happy campers.  There's just so much to tell a new owner and I'm sure we bamboozled them with information.  We will see them a couple more times before they return to Denmark at the end of the week so there's time to go over things again.

There was a very happy surprise while Mick and Tore were investigating the engine hole.... nb Josephine pulled in behind us!  How lovely to see Andy and Jean again.  As soon as our visitors headed off we sat down to catch up with the Josephine crew and share our respective news.  Missy and Milo have grown since we saw them last and seem to have settled well into the boating life.  We're having dinner at the pub tonight.

As I sit and type this I can see Missy walking our gunwales and stopping to peer in the open kitchen window.  Cheeky monkey.

I didn't sort photos yesterday so the first are from then.  The Tixall Gatehouse.... what an amazing building!

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Ade said...

Hi Elly glad it all went to plan.
Memories again there of our time in 87? Of tixal just as I remember it, lovely photos as always.