Thursday 3 April 2014

Three tunnels

Moore to Anderton : 10 miles, 0 locks, 3 tunnels
To date : 1092 miles, 783 locks

The weather forecast wasn't fantastic with rain expected.  We've long since learned not to wait for a dry day to cruise.  Sometimes they are few and far between.  Mick got out his waterproofs and I did my usual plastic bags over the rear doors to keep the rain off them.

Our journey today to Anderton took us through three tunnels.  They have a timetable for passage through.  The first, at Preston Brook heading Southbound, as we were, allowed for entry on the half hour for 10 minutes.   We arrived with plenty of time to spare with Barry and Carol stopping at Midland Chandlers long the way.

We couldn't believe how lucky Barry and Carol were on their last journey through this tunnel.  It wasn't until they emerged from it that they realized they shouldn't have gone through! Imagine having to reverse half a mile or more through a dark tunnel.  I think Barry would have had a meltdown if they'd met an oncoming boat.

We did bit of rain this morning before we left but it then held off for the few hours until we reached Anderton.  It's a very industrial stretch between the last tunnel and the boat lift.  The sky was dark and grey most of the day although the sun tried valiantly to emerge once or twice.  It was nice to browse the visitor centre again and Carol and I had a nice chat with the lady working there.

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