Saturday 24 May 2014

Anstruther, Scotland

Lynne wasn't home from work by the time we were ready to go this morning so we left her a message, gave the cats some attention and pulled the door closed behind us.  We were on the road just after 8am.

We skirted the edge of the Lakes District as we headed North... absolutely stunning scenery.  After Carlisle we took the A7 which is the tourist route to Edinburgh.  The roadside had so many gorgeous purple rhododendrons.  We try so hard to grow them at home, coaxing them along but they really do prefer a cooler climate and to see them growing like this was amazing.  We even passed one stretch with red poppies growing roadside.

We stopped for morning tea along the way in a quaint little tea shop.  My cup of tea came in a proper floral china cup and saucer.  At Kirkcaldy I went into the shopping centre to buy a couple of dinners at Marks and a a Subway sandwich for our late lunch.

We reached the cottage we have booked just out of Anstruther (about an hour Nth of Edinburgh) for the next few days.  It's fantastic!  In fact, it's bigger than our house.  There is one of the loveliest staircases I've seen in an average UK house.  We decided not to bother trekking up the second flight of stairs to the master suite each night.  The double room is right next to the main bathroom and it's a very nice room.  We have parking behind a gate across the road where the garden is.... one of those UK quirks, a garden across the road.  We are only about 100 yards from the sea.  Perfect.

 We are looking forward to exploring the nearby villages and Mick is looking forward to seeing St Andrews golf course.  There will be photos again then.


Graham said...

I've followed your progress from just about the beginning - even while you were searching for a boat, but I think that this is the first time I've sent you a comment. Better late than never!

Don't miss the fish & chips in Anstruther, they are unbeatable. If you look they even tell you which fishing boat landed the fish you will eat. You could even drive down the coast a little and you will probably find the boat in St Monans harbour getting ready for its next voyage.

This might be too much for you but on Tuesday, 27th, the world's last sea going paddle steamer, Waverley, sails from Glasgow to Oban, round the Mull of Kintyre. It is one of the best coastal sails in the world, just dramatic. The downside is that she leaves Glasgow at 07.00 hrs. They lay on a bus to bring you back to Glasgow for 23.00hrs.

It might be tall order but a trip of a lifetime if you can mange it

If you want more details please let me know.


PS. I tried to send this via your email link but it doesn't seem to want to go.

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Graham,

Lovely to hear from you, especially since you've been reading for so long.

The boat from Glasgow sounds like an amazing trip but a bit much for us to squeeze in now. I googled the Waverley and she looks to be a wonderful vessel.

Thanks very much for leaving a comment.