Monday 12 May 2014


We slept in so late this morning that it wasn't breakfast we had, it was brunch!  As usual I had been up and about at 6am then went back to bed to read a book.  I do remember putting the book down after an hour or so and thinking I would doze for a few minutes.  Next thing I knew it was 8.45am.  The latest we've slept in since we got here.  With dinner having been fruit and yoghurt after our big lunch we decided on a cooked late breakfast.... Braunston butcher bacon and scrambled free range eggs on a piece of toast.  Delicious.

I'm a big yoghurt fan and have discovered the best yoghurt ever here in England.  It's actually made in Greece, hardly surprising, and is called Fage Total Greek Yoghurt.  It's fat free and the thickest creamiest yoghurt.  The fruit ones are just as good as the plain.  Thanks Lynne for telling me about it long ago.   We always have a tub in our fridge and use it on spicy curries, and on my breakfast.  I was so disappointed to find it isn't available in Australia.  I better make the most of it while I still can.

Yesterday when Roger and Heather from nb Celtic Kiwi came by we were heading out the door so this morning we went to have a better chat with them.  They asked us in for coffee.  Celtic Kiwi is a share boat and they come over for 6 weeks each year.  It was great to get to know you both and thanks for lending us your vacuum cleaner.

We went off for a walk around Braunston. We hadn't been inside the church before, just enjoyed the bell ringing.  It's a lovely church with gorgeous lead light windows.  On the way back through the village I noticed the front door of one of the cottages had a little alcove to one side.  I wonder what it had been for?

Back on the boat we made a cup of tea to have with an Eccles cake - we hadn't tried them before.  They were nice.  We were rudely interrupted by a knocking on the side of the boat.  It was Barry and Carol!  How could we resist one last get together afloat.  We enjoyed a couple of days at Braunston knowing they weren't too far away and they are planning to head through Napton down the Oxford so a slight detour into Braunston worked out well.  More tea... cider... beer... and chatting until it was time for Barry to listen to his football match on the radio.

I had ordered Carol printed books of the blog from April to November last year, covering the time we cruised together.  I borrowed them to have a look at them.  I've had a couple of years worth printed and sent to my brother in Melbourne but haven't seen them for myself yet.  The books are great quality.  There was an unexpected VAT amount payable when they arrived so that's something to be aware of if ordering from Blog2print and having the books sent to the UK.  We didn't have this happen with those sent to Oz so I wasn't aware of it.

Angie, I handed over another set of mooring pin covers!

While we cooked dinner comprising the few items we had left in the fridge, the swan family came by with their youngsters.  We had no bread so tossed out a handful of cornflakes which seemed to go down well.  One of the little cygnets climbed onto mums back and hid under her wing.  So cute.

Mick said to me today "do you know how long it's been since I had a splinter".  I think he is missing work.


NB Lady Esther said...

I think the little alcove is for scraping the mud off your boots before entering the house.Dave also loves Greek yoghurt so will get him some of this to try .Looks like all is going well with the mooring pin covers and I have been giving some out when we went to Snarestone for the May Bank holiday.

Alan. said...

Elly, if the alcove you spoke of is the ones in the photo's they are shoe /boot scrapers you put your foot on the bar and scrape muck off before entering.

Anonymous said...

The little alcove next to the door is a boot scraper. :-)

Elly and Mick said...

Thanks everyone for solving the mystery. We wondered if it might be for putting milk bottles. Didn't think of boot scraping..... we don't get mud so often in Oz!!!