Saturday 1 December 2012

Reporting from Germany

I've had a wonderful couple of days so far visiting Claudia and her daughter Tamara. It's been a Christmas market expedition - 4 in 2 days!

Leaving the marina on Wednesday, Mick walked me across the field and down the road to the bus stop. It wasn't quite the way a visit to Germany usually begins. I took the bus to Stafford railway station and then the train to Euston station in London (memories of Monopoly). Then it was a walk to Euston Square tube station and the tube to Paddington. I browsed the shops and had a late lunch at Yo Sushi which was something different. Finally the train to Heathrow, changing to another to get to the right terminal for the Yotel. I've stayed there before and saw they had a special for November. It made the very early start a little easier.

The rooms are called cabins because they really don't amount to a "room". I'll post some photos when I get home. It was the length of the bed and about 3 times the width - including the bathroom. I tried to have an early night as I wanted to be up at 4am. I didn't sleep well as I was convinced the hotel kept moving. Such an odd feeling.  Plus I was worried I'd sleep in.

I got away on time but with only enough to spare for a coffee before boarding the plane. My bag was searched through security as I hadn't taken my iPad out. Apparently you should - like a laptop. Will remember that for next time.

We landed in Frankfurt 10 minutes early and my bag was one of the first off the plane. Not a question through customs thanks to my Finnish passport. What a breeze! It meant we had time for an hour at the Christmas market in Mannheim. It was just as lovely as I imagined. I only wish I could bottle the smell of German Christmas.

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