Wednesday 5 December 2012

A shiny new boat

We had a quiet day today.  I worked and Mick tiled the panels that will be behind the solid fuel stove (that's what they call them here in England but they burn coal most often).  We're really looking forward to having the stove going because we've been on a couple of other boats now that have their fire burning away.  It's so cosy!

The opinions on the different stoves available have made the choice difficult.  Everyone is sure their choice is the best.  This is the one we've decided on :
We've decided we're going to hire a car the weekend after so we can go and buy the bits and pieces we need to finish it.  We'll have the stove delivered.  How nice it will be if it's all done by Christmas.

We had a look inside a nice shiny new boat today!  We came back wishing we could have a new one but in reality there isn't all that much we'd change about the one we have.

Photos :
Our regular visitors.  They youngsters are looking increasingly white as their juvenile brown feathers are replaced by white adult ones.  They have extremely long necks and reach right into the cratch!

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