Saturday 8 December 2012

In search of a Christmas tree

We decided we needed a tiny Christmas tree.  There's space behind the TV so today our mission was to walk to Stone and find one.  I met Diane in the bathroom this morning when I went up for a shower and mentioned to her that we'd wanted to walk to Stone.  First thing this morning the weather looked so miserable we had decided not to go!  By the time I came out of the bathroom there was blue sky peeking through.

A little later I received a text message from Diane saying they were going to walk into Stone too so off we went with Diane, Ray and Banjo the dog.  With only one thing to look for we said we'd see them back at the marina - they had a few things on their list.  We went into pretty much every store that might possibly sell artificial Christmas trees.  No luck!  Our search took us longer than their list of tasks.

On a whim we decided to have lunch at The Star which is by the lock in Stone.  I imagine it would be very busy on a Summer day.  There's lots of tables in the beer garden and also the area that overlooks the lock.

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