Monday 17 December 2012

Last day with the hire car

We thought we'd make the most of having the hire car and planned a trip into Stafford for shopping.  Mick asked Ray and Diane (nb Ferndale) if they'd like to come along.  We did a little circuit - Asda, B&Q, Dunelm Mill - with the boot of the car getting fuller with each stop.  I love browsing through Dunelm Mill.  Great store.  We've made great progress on our shopping list with only a couple of items left now. 

With the milder weather, Diane tried valiantly to convince Ray that they should go out of the marina for a couple of days for a cruise.  By the time we unpacked all our shopping and I walked up to the marina building, nb Ferndale was gone.  She won!

Further down the pontoon one of the boats had been out for the weekend and had just returned.  They reversed into their spot and I'm not sure just what happened but the poor fellow took a dip in the drink.  Mick chatted to him later and he said he lost his footing on the pontoon and fell straight in.  Reminds us how careful we need to be.

We've been a little out of sorts since we got back on the boat yesterday..... first Mick..... and today I followed suit.  The reality of 7 weeks apart is setting in!  It will be the longest we've been apart in 20 years.  We keep telling each other to think of our finances.  I'll keep busy with work too so that will help.


Paul and El said...

Hi Elly
My seven weeks apart have nearly come to an end, and to be honest it is bloody awful, the longest we had been apart before was 2 weeks. For my part it went pretty quick, but felt so bad for Elaine keeping the boat going...Its just not like a house!
I an honestly say I wont do it again, I think she would break my legs if I suggested it.
Then again the Aussie dollar is very tempting.
I will be back before Mick goes so I will help you if you have any mechanical problems.
Cheers and see you soon

Elly and Mick said...

It seems like you've been away for an eternity! I'm sure Mick will find the same - he'll be busy with work and catching up with everybody and I'll be by myself on the boat. Thank goodness for our new boaty friends.
Look forward to seeing you when you get back.