Monday 24 December 2012

Angle it is!

The stove is going to be on an angle.  We thought it looked better, the heat from the open door won't be directed at the end of the finrad radiator timberwork, and.... the vote was unanimous!  A couple of comments gave us something else to consider.  It will be easier to clean out the ashes if it's on an angle.  Thanks for the emails and comments.

This morning we woke to a stunning sunny day.  The big excitement for the morning was nb Winton's Folly coming back in after a couple of nights in Stone.  They've actually been out of the marina!  I think we need to get a life.  Once Christmas is over and Mick's resolved his hole in the roof we really must go out for a night or two.  We'll wait for the next kind weather.  nb Ferndale also returned this afternoon.  They only just made it as there was a bit of drizzle starting up. 

Mick spent the better part of the morning drilling little holes in a circle to cut out the section of steelwork in the roof for the flue to go through.  He's finding it rather frustrating trying to do jobs with only the most basic of tools.  He did have company out there.  Barry from nb Winton's Folly stood out with his cuppa chatting to him while he worked. 

It's beginning to feel like Christmas.  There was a band playing Christmas carols outside the marina building this morning.  I meant to go and take a photo but got sidetracked.  By the time I remembered they were packing up.  There is suddenly a lot more activity around the marina.  Folk who use their boats for weekends and holidays are starting to appear and tonight there are many more lights on and more smoking chimneys.  We have neighbours next door for the next few days too.

We whiled away a few hours with Barry and Carol this afternoon once the light was going.  The debate over pros and cons of marina living goes on.  Regardless of any of the other pluses or minuses, we're certainly glad of the company of the other boaters!


Peter Berry said...

Hi Elly, I'm sure you've done your homework, but just in case, don't forget that the stove must be secured to the hearth for the BSS pass.

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Peter,
Yes, we have the "fixing kit". We've done the absolute best we can with the new regs - considering the only place we could put the stove was the front corner.
Hope you're feeling better and all's well.