Wednesday 12 December 2012

The joy of central heating!

How lovely it was to get up this morning to the boat being warm.  It was especially lovely when I looked at our little weather station and saw that it was minus 4 outside.  I went back for the camera and poked my hand outside the zip of the cratch to take a photo.  It was so cold out there!  The pontoons were completely white and the marina frozen over.

We still had a little movement in the boat so the ice on the water can't be too thick.  The four day forecast I copied into the blog a couple of days ago showed four nights well below freezing.  I was thinking we might be well frozen in then.  The forecast today is a little less extreme although we'll still have 3 nights in a row below zero.

Weather for Stone, UK
Currently : -1°C Clear
Tue : Mostly sunny, Max 5° Min -3°
Wed : Cloudy, Max 3° Min -2°
Thu : Partly sunny, Max 4° Min 2°
Fri : Chance of rain, Max 8° Min 4°
I just love days like today.  Despite it being really cold, it cleared to a sunny day.  Mick was happily pottering with his chores outside and as I sat working I could hear him chatting to our neighbours.  He came in just after 2pm calling out for me to bring the camera outside.  When I got out, Barry and Carol from nb Winton's Folly were looking over but I don't think that was the photo Mick wanted.  He'd spied the tap a few boats down - it had been dripping all night and despite the sun having been out all morning there was still a huge icicle beneath it.

Mick has finished the front corner where the little Acorn Aarrow stove will go.  Now we just need to go and order it.

Photos :
1. A very chilly morning
2. Frozen marina and icy boats
3. Barry and Carol (nb Winton's Folly) - don't they look happy!
4. Dripping tap
5. Glorious sunny day
6. Ready for the stove


Ade said...

Nice bit 'o' tilin there Mick, man after me own heart! Lovely little hearth.

Elly and Mick said...

It worked out well didn't it! Elly