Thursday 6 December 2012

One thing after another

The weather has been cold.  It doesn't get beyond 5 degrees during the day and at night zero or below.  This morning Mick scrambled down to the end of the bed to turn on the central heating.  He got back into bed and we waited for the sound of it starting up.  And we waited some more.  It didn't come. 

Noooo!!!!  Surely not again!  I got up and tried a couple of times but it just didn't do a thing.  We dragged out the fan heater again as it was icy outside and extremely cold inside.  When it got to 8.30am we rang the heating fellow who had repaired it previously (a costly exercise!).  After much to-ing and fro-ing and clearing of error codes, including a couple of visits to our neighbours and emails for opinions, we came to an agreement with the heating specialist that they'd install a new unit and credit us the cost of the parts they installed just a couple of weeks ago. They'll not charge us any travel or labour this time and we'll have a brand new unit with a 3 year warranty.

So, it wasn't a good start to the day and I had work time wasted.  Elaine from nb Caxton had told me yesterday that she was going into Stone for an appointment so I'd arranged to go with her to do a big shop at Morrisons.  It's nice to have the fridge and cupboards full again.

It's going to be cold tonight and the little fan heater's working overtime.  I'm thinking there might be ice on the marina in the morning.  I missed it last week.

Diane, your fan heater is much quieter than ours.  We can actually hear the tv!
Elaine, you'll be glad to know we now sympathise.  We're cold!

Weather for Stone, UK
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