Wednesday 19 December 2012

Work in progress

We both had a very productive day today.  Mick got his new improved hearth done and I had a good days work.  Now we have dust everywhere again!  At least the end is in sight.

We have so many bits and pieces all over the boat - Mick's projects in waiting.  There's sheets of perspex for the double glazing update (it was signed for by the butcher in the marina farm shop), timber for a bathroom cabinet, the table from the cratch which will be converted into a side table, tv bracket so the tv can be moved to under the gunwale, the Acorn Aarrow stove waiting to be installed, sections of flue and tools all over the place.

There was some movement around the marina today.  The trip boat went out with a group on board, returning about 2pm.  The group onboard retired to one of the huts where we have our afternoon tea on Mondays and were still sitting there sounding rather rowdy as it neared dark.

Ray and Diane from nb Ferndale returned from their cruise down the canal for a couple of nights.  There have been a few vacant berths the last few days.  It seems folk are taking advantage of the milder temperatures. 

For a comparison of weather forecasts... it's 7.30pm here in Stone... it's 6.30am in Bendigo.

Weather for Stone, UK
Currently : 1°C Shallow fog
Tue : Partly sunny, Max 7° Min 3°
Wed : Rain, Max 7° Min 4°
Thu : Chance of rain, Max 8° Min 3°
Fri : Mostly sunny, Max 7° Min 3°

Weather for Bendigo, Australia
Currently : 20°C Clear
Tue : Chance of rain, Max 31° Min 13°
Wed : Clear, Max 25° Min 11°
Thu : Clear, Max 29° Min 11°
Fri : Mostly sunny, Max 34° Min 15°

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