Saturday 22 December 2012

Weather forecast Christmas Day

Look at the difference in the weather forecast over the next few days.  It's just after midday here in Stone and 11.30pm at home in Bendigo.  It looks like we're all going to get a pleasant Christmas day!  We would always hope like crazy that the forecast wouldn't be for high temperatures.  Nobody feels like sitting down to a Christmas meal when it's stinking hot.  Mum, you'll have to let me know how accurate this forecast is (I know the current weather status is - it's certainly raining here in Stone)!  26 degrees sounds perfect to me.  Although, I really won't mind 7 degrees as long as it's not raining.  We have to walk to our Christmas lunch.

Weather for Stone, UK
Currently : 8°C Rain
Sat : Rain, Max 13° Min 8°
Sun : Cloudy, Max 10° Min 4°
Mon : Chance of rain, Max 8° Min 5°
Tue : Chance of rain, Max 7° Min 3°

Weather for Bendigo, Australia
Currently : 25°C Clear
Sat : Mostly sunny, Max 33° Min 16°
Sun : Partly sunny, Max 38° Min 22°
Mon : Mostly sunny, Max 30° Min 12°
Tue : Mostly sunny, Max 26° Min 10°

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