Friday 14 December 2012

Hire car for the weekend

An uneventful day yesterday so there's not much to tell.  I spent most of it working.

This morning when Mick got out of bed there was quite a bit of creaking.  Not his knees this time.... it was the ice around the boat.  At first the boat wasn't moving as he walked but by the time he got dressed it was moving freely again.  I imagine it can't be too good for the blacking to have the ice stuck to it and then broken away.

I think I've been a bit blase about the cold.  It really hasn't seemed that bad so far and I've often stepped out of the boat without a coat to take a photo or walk up to the marina facilities.  This morning I did so and ended up regretting it!  I was so cold by the time I got back in the boat that it was hours before I felt warm again. 

Today we picked up a hire car for the weekend.  We have a long list of things to buy and collect.  We had to stand out by the car park waiting for Enterprise to come and collect us.  It was freezing!!  I don't think it got above zero degrees all day.

On the drive to Stafford, I wished I could get out and take a photo.  Everything was covered in white - frost, not snow - but it looked amazing.

First we went to Tesco and did a good shop of non-perishables.  Then it was on to Penkridge to Midland Chandlers to collect our Acorn stove and all the other bits and pieces we'll need for it installation.  Tomorrow we're going to buy a few more floor tiles as there will be a bit of alteration to the hearth.  Long story... thanks Roger!

After our shopping tomorrow we'll head up to Ormskirk to visit Lynne and collect all the bits and bobs we've ordered this week.

Oh, we noticed when we got back to the boat late this afternoon that someone had sprinkled grit along the pontoon about half the distance we have to walk.  What a difference it makes!  Mick immediately went back to the gate and collected some to continue the central track all the way to us and a little beyond.  It feels so much safer walking along it.

Weather for Stone, UK (7.30pm)
Currently : -3°C Scattered cloud
Thu : Partly sunny, Max 2° Min -3°
Fri : Rain, Max 8° Min 5°
Sat : Partly sunny, Max 8° Min 4°
Sun : Partly sunny, Max 8° Min 1°

Photos :
1. Yesterday (Wednesday) morning.  Not so icy but still some left over
2. This morning.  Very icy - look how white the pontoon is
3. The sun struggling to make an appearance
4. Peeking over the hill. There's a great view over the marina from that seat


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