Tuesday 4 December 2012

Sleeping in your own bed

I never sleep as well in a bed other than my own so I had a great nights sleep last night.  See.... it's feeling like the boat is home now! Actually, the railway line to London runs near the canal in quite few sections.  Coming home, every time I spied a narrowboat I couldn't wait to get back to ours.

It wasn't as cold overnight as it had been the few before (so they tell me anyway).  It rained in the night and the ice that had been on the water in the marina was all melted by morning.  We had one more day of using the marina showers and Mick assures me tomorrow we'll be using our own shower again. 

I worked this morning and Mick walked to Stone with Diane (nb Ferndale) to buy bread.  After lunch and another hour work I went for a walk down the towpath.  I took Banjo from nb Ferndale along with me.  He made no attempt whatsoever to avoid the muddy puddles and arrived back with a muddy bottom half.  He suffers from a bit of separation anxiety but was happy enough to come walking with me.

This afternoon we had the boaters afternoon tea.  I took my collection of goodies brought back from Germany.  We had a couple of new attendees.  Barry and Carol from a couple of boats along from us and Barb from over on the other pontoon.  What a fantastic way this has been to meet people in the marina.

I'm watching a Rick Stein cooking show while I type and he's in Thailand filming a couple of women cook Tom Yum Goong.  It's made me miss my friend Tammy and our dinners at Naam Pla!

Photos :
1. Such still water
2. Banjo waiting patiently while I took the photo below
3. The bridge at the end of the marina field
4. Marina entrance with our pontoon at the left
5. You can see our tv aerial at left and our blue cratch cover and window

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