Sunday 16 December 2012

500 posts

I just noticed yesterday that I was up to 499 posts!  Wow!!  So... this one is number 500.

I have 2 books printed of a year each of the blog.  Somehow I think the third year isn't going to fit in a single book.  We have lots and lots of photos now.

We had been looking out for a brass kangaroo figurine in the weeks before we left Australia and found this one.  Mike from nb Isobel kindly turned it into a tiller pin for us (I have a feeling we owe Ray from nb Ferndale a little favour).  Thanks Mike!

Our other news is that Mick is going back to Oz to do some work at the beginning of February for a few weeks.  A house building job that had been lurking for a couple of years has now reached the stage of having the go-ahead.  It's a job he'd been looking forward to doing so the chance to escape some of the Winter and do something "useful" was too much to resist.  He will enjoy working with Peter, his work pal, again. Plus, it will help our finances after the beating they've had lately.

I'll stay here in the marina on nb Parisien Star.  I'll have plenty of work time and I'm sure my new found marina friends will keep me company.

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Tom and Jan said...

I don't know why the Kangaroo is smiling! If someone had stuck a steel pin there in me the expression would be totally different :-)