Friday 21 December 2012

It's raining again!

Yesterday afternoon Carol and Barry from nb Winton's Folly came in for a drink and a look around.  Don't we all love to see someone else's boat.  It's great to see how it's set out or maybe get ideas for things you could do on your own boat.  We wiled away a few hours chatting.  Enjoyed your company guys!

The weather has been much milder this week but it's been raining again.  We haven't been out for a walk the last couple of days with the rain.  After lunch today we decided to go up and have a coffee at the marina bistro - just to get out!  We had a wander around the farm shop too.

I had a rummage through the bookshelf in the marina "bookswap".  Someone had left a few jigsaw puzzles so I brought back a box that contained two puzzles to help occupy my time while Mick's away.   Hope all the pieces are there.  Had a bit of a chat with Ray, and then Diane, from nb Ferndale.  They get all the passers by as their mooring is right in front of the pontoon gate.

Mick's hearth improvement for the solid fuel stove is almost done.  We'll be glad when the stove is sitting on it rather than the opposite side of the room taking up precious space.

This afternoon just before it got dark we noticed that the water level was rising again.  It hadn't reached the underside of the pontoon beside nb Stanley but it was getting there.

Mick's been out to loosen the mooring ropes and will go out and check again before we go to bed.  There's talk on the news of flooding in Staffordshire so we'll have to see what happens.

The weather forecast says tomorrow might be dry so it looks like we'll be having a walk into Stone for last minute groceries.

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