Tuesday 8 October 2013

Another Blue Monday

I had an early appointment this morning.  8.30am at Spec Savers to have my eyes checked and get a new contact lens prescription.  Much to my amazement I discovered that the very same contact lenses I buy at home for $50 a month (£30) I have been able to order here for £48 for a 6 month supply!  That's £8 a month instead of £30.  On the way back I did some shopping.   

We just can't pass up the opportunity of lunch at Yo Sushi on a Monday.  How convenient that we should be here in Birmingham on just the right day.  After a couple of hours work we walked back to the Bull Ring for lunch and then a bit of a wander around. 

We called by Cambrian Wharf on the way back to say hello to Barry and Carol.  Mick and Barry went for a walk down the Aston Locks to check on the progress of the stuck boat.  Not much progress it seems.  Meanwhile.... more work for me.  It's interesting to see the boats chugging by as I work.  The water taxi made a few trips past.


Peter Berry said...

Re your contact lenses. There are lots of things much cheaper here than in Australia - cars, food, medical prescriptions etc. that is why I fail to understand why UK cruise companies sell world cruise sectors on average £1000 cheaper to Australians than they do to us here in UK for exactly the same product. It drives us mad when we are on holiday with our Australian friends, and they show us their price structure offered by the UK company we also booked with, and we have all sailed from Southampton.

Elly and Mick said...

Peter, you forgot to mention air travel! Maybe that's why they make the cruise cost lower - otherwise nobody would go. Frustrate me just the same to see a Qantas fare costing us half as much again than if we bought it in the UK. I guess there's swings and roundabouts.