Tuesday 29 October 2013

Missing the storm

I had an email from Tracey, the lovely lady who bought our house.  She sent these photos of the garden.  I just can't wait to get a garden going again!

The news yesterday was full of talk of the huge storm coming in overnight.  It was being billed as the worst storm in 5 years.  A couple of days ago the forecast suggested the first half of today in Nantwich would be extremely windy with heavy rain.  By last night the wind warning had disappeared and the storm was expected to clear earlier in the day.  As it turned out we really didn't get a storm.  It did rain a fair bit overnight but there was no wind at all and by about 11am the sun was peeking out.

It was a different story "down South" where they were lashed by ferocious winds.  There's four people dead!

We made the most of the clear weather and had a good walk around Nantwich.  We checked out the Aga Store, a lovely little kitchenware shop, we had some spare keys cut and I found a new waterproof jacket (the previous one having a torn zip).

Shortly after lunch Howard from nb Jasmine Weyr peered through the window to beckon us out for coffee and to check out their boat.  It was the first boat I've seen with a coffee machine!  There was a nice lemon drizzle cake to go with the coffee.  Great boat Lesley and Howard got for their money. 

I also had an email from Anthony to tell me they'd travelled 1216 miles in their hire car in the just under 2 weeks they had the car.  He thought it was a bit funny when they'd almost reached our total mileage of 880 miles a few days before they left.  They well exceeded that by the time they finished!

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