Wednesday 16 October 2013

To Penkridge

Coven Heath Bridge 69 to Penkridge Visitor Moorings to : 9 miles, 7 locks
To date : 838 miles, 577 locks

This morning we were ready to go not long after 9am.  Jim and Joan on nb Two Jays were off before us. With the washing machine already on we planned to top up our water at the water point before the first lock.  We found Jim and Joan just about to go into the lock as we got there to the water point. There's a nice old round building beside the lock that is a little canal shop. With a hire base along the canal there it was extremely narrow getting past.  They have their boats two deep and at one point we had barely an inch to spare.

It was an overcast morning but as the day went on the cloud lifted and the sun even peeked out for a bit.  It really was a lovely days cruising  and I was even allowed to do half the locks.  We stopped for coal and a new gas bottle so we're all sorted on the fuel front for a bit.  We'll get diesel at Wheaton Aston next week. 

For the most part today we were cruising through lovely rural countryside.  It was very pleasant.  One lock ran right beside the M6 with trucks whizzing by.

There were a few boats on the move today... courtesy of the better weather... and at one lock Mick walked ahead to open the gate for the boat coming out and as I passed it I noticed the name.  It was nb Tacet.  No time for anything more than "Hi, I read your blog."  The lady had called out to me as she walked by but I had no idea who she was.  So hello to Ian and Karen.

Reaching Penkridge we left Barry and Carol back before the first Penkridge lock and we went down two locks and moored behind nb Two Jays.  Barry was worried about not getting tv to watch his beloved football!  We reconvened and walked into the village to the shops.  Tonight we're meeting for dinner at the pub - and tomorrow there's the Penkridge Market.


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