Thursday 10 October 2013

First family visit

Tuesday night there was a concert on at the NIA.  All evening there was a deep background "doof... doof... doof".  I was in bed but Mick said it was an amazing sight when the concert finished.  Hundreds of people swarmed out along the towpaths and narrow bridges to leave the arena.  He said they were just swarming past the boat like ants.  We discovered the remains in the morning..... rubbish left on our roof.  The surrounding area was a disgrace with rubbish dumped everywhere including a huge amount of broken glass.  There was council rubbish collectors repairing the damage in the morning.

We spent the morning doing some chores and walking into town.  We returned later to the New Street station to meet my brother, Anthony and his wife, Leanne.  How exciting to see them after more than a year!

In the evening we tried out a restaurant Mick had been saying he wanted to try for a while... The Handmade Burger Co.  We never order a burger if we're eating out but figured a restaurant specializing in them must be able to make a decent one.  The choice was mind boggling and we enjoyed our dinner.

No photos today.  I didn't even think to get out the camera.

Next stop.... Black Country Museum!

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