Wednesday 20 November 2013

A day in port - Stone

It's been an enjoyable day today.  The sun was out for a lot of the day.... watery Winter sun but still lovely.  The temperature only reached about 7 or 8 degrees so there was a good chill in the air.

Over breakfast this morning we discovered that I had accidentally tossed out the mesh filter in the coffee plunger when I so meticulously cleaned it yesterday.  Mick's so careful about not getting any pipework blocked on the boat that we toss the dishwater out the galley window rather than pouring it down the sink.  We're about 6 teaspoons down using this method!  For those back home, I've probably mentioned before that it's the done thing here to use a plastic tub or "bowl", as they call it, in the sink to use for washing dishes.  I'm not quite sure of the reason - somewhere between not scratching the shiny surface of the sink (although the base of the bowl does that a little anyway) and conserving water.  I decided to walk to the shops and find a new coffee plunger... or "cafetiere" as they call them here.  The new one's shiny and insulated and much easier to clean.

Carol came over to sort out some of her emails and bills while Barry went off on the bus to Tesco in Stafford in search of a cartridge for their printer.  I ended up finding one online much cheaper so that will come Post Restante to the local post office. 

I got plenty of work done today too.  Another software update went without a hitch.  It seems we finally have a way to do them long distance and it's worked well.  So a good day workwise too.

After lunch we had a delivery from Ocado... making the most of that free delivery pass.  The van stopped right beside the boat with just a strip of grass and the towpath between.  Couldn't have been better - he just passed the bags straight into the bow.

Mick plowed on with the things he wanted to get done.  He was quite happy out there most of the day.  One thing that he's been wanting to do for a while was to put a little rail up beside the flue for the stove.  It'll be a good place to hang a few clothes to dry.

This afternoon I heard Mick talking to someone outside.... again.  I peered out to see Ray and Diane from nb Ferndale had stopped by.  It was nice to have a chat with Ray as he's off to Oz on Thursday and we wouldn't see him until mid-January if he hadn't appeared today.  Diane we'll see on Monday at the boater's tea party.  She'll be on her own for a few weeks this Winter it seems.  Diane had a near miss of falling into the canal recently.... but she barely got a wet foot. 

I'm finally regaining my "gunwale confidence" back after my slip.  I was nervous of slipping on the gunwales when we were first on the boat but after a while I'd scuttle along without giving it a thought.  After falling I found myself nervous about it all over again. I don't want a repeat performance!

Before the light disappeared we decided to have a walk around town.  Everything was being packed up and wound down.  The Christmas lights were up already.  It was really cold out and returning to the boat was like coming into a warm cocoon.  In all it's been a satisfying day.

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