Monday 4 November 2013

Return to Anderton

Northwich to Anderton : 2 miles, 0 locks, 1 amazing boat lift (again!)
To date : 918 miles, 623 locks

The Anderton boat lift was on our list of places we wanted to visit on our boat.  We won't get to do them all in the time we have left but it was great to tick one more off the list.  Plus, we don't want to go into the marina any earlier than necessary.... both to save on the cost of the marina fees and because it's a long Winter moored up in a marina so we want to cruise right up to the end of the month.  We have an engine service booked for 27th November so we'll have to be in the marina by then. Our detour to Anderton was time well spent.

It was a wild and windy night in Northwich.  The boat rocked about all evening.  It was a shame about the rain as there was a Guy Fawkes bonfire and fireworks a couple of streets away.  We did see the larger fireworks above the roof of the houses beside the mooring.

There's a fabulous bridge at Northwich.  It's an enormous swing bridge carrying cars across river. There are lovely old gates that are used to stop the traffic.  The photos below of Northwich were from yesterday.

We had hoped for a break in the weather for our return journey to Anderton.  It was dry when we got up this morning but the rain soon returned.  It was on and off all morning so eventually we all decided to head off to the water point and then just get on our way.  We reached the bottom of the boat lift not much after midday so we were well in time for the 12.50pm slot on the lift.  The wind had picked up again and Barry had a bit of a battle with the current and wind to get onto the waiting bay mooring for the lift.  We had a quick lunch while we waited but it wasn't long before we were waved in.

Another chatty operator kept us company while we played the waiting game and then waved us off.  We found a mooring around the corner and walked back to browse the visitor centre gift shop.

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