Tuesday 5 November 2013

Collecting my other husband

We were looking at some online quotes for shipping a box or two back home to Australia.  It got me thinking about the need to collect my other husband on the way home.  Mick says he dropped him off at Singapore at the end of March when he came back from Oz and with the new Qantas/Emirates deal we'll be stopping over in Dubai instead of Singapore this time.  We'll have to arrange to have him transferred across to Dubai for collection.  Maybe one of the shipping companies can help.

I really don't mind the new husband I've had this year.  He's a bit less likely to fly off the handle and he takes stressful situations in his stride much better.  I guess we have Barry on the boat in front doing the melt-downs in lieu.  I don't think we'll be taking Barry home with us so we'll see what happens with that.

The new husband lingers over breakfast.  He sits around reading waterways magazines.  He plays cards with me!

The other husband was one of those that leapt out of bed at 6am and was ready to start work at 7am.  The one I have now has a tendency to loll about in bed and if I suggest getting up at 7am he grizzles and groans about it being "the middle of the night".  There's no way around it.... we're simply going to have to collect the other one before we get back home.  We're going to have to earn a living and I'm not sure this new model would be able!

I'll let you know whether I'm able to somehow meld the old and the new.  That would be fantastic!

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