Friday 15 November 2013

Trentham Gardens

We made sure we were moored up at Hem Heath by the end of yesterday as we had a service booked for our Eberspacher this morning.  This was the nearest mooring to the service fellow and would minimize the cost.  He duly arrived this morning to get the job done.

After lunch we walked the mile or so to Trentham Gardens for some retail therapy.  It's a fabulous shopping centre comprising a huge garden centre... UK style... which means it sells all sorts of stuff that in no way relates to gardening.  There's also a little avenue of stores outside which are always worth a look.  We bought pies for dinner from Pieminister.  Hopefully they'll be as good as the other time we've bought them.

It's a little subdued aboard at the moment.  Mick's mum, back in New Zealand, has reached the end of her life and we're just waiting for the phone call.  We promised her (a promise extracted several times before we left Australia) that we wouldn't come rushing back when the end was near.  We said our goodbyes back then when we last saw her but still.... that doesn't help now does it.

Today :
1. Did I mention I now have a husband who likes to browse the internet on my iPad?
2. The cygnets are getting big now but they still peep like tiny chicks
3. Not a bad mooring at Hem Heath
4. Convenient to be at the end of the row nearest the bridge for our heating service
5. A 2 door, 2009 Mercedes for £9,995.  They're so cheap here!
6. Barry and Carol... matching coats... new boots... arm in arm

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