Thursday 5 December 2013

A quick visit to Birmingham

I decided to take the train to Birmingham today. It's nice to be able to window shop on my own without Mick trailing along. I feel that I have to hurry when he's standing there waiting.  I was in Birmingham not much more than an hour after leaving the boat!

It's a very strange feeling sitting in the train and seeing the canals out the window.  Even more so now that we're passing places we've been on the boat. 

The Christmas market is in full swing. I had a bit of a browse of some of the stalls at the beginning but I've promised Carol I'd go with her so will leave the rest for another day. I enjoyed my browsing but didn't buy much.... just a warm hat and some new socks.

It was an easy trip back too.... all the connections lining up nicely.  I always enjoy the walk back from the bus at Aston Village.  Coming back it's an extra five minutes because the bus stop is beyond the village hall and around the corner at the next roundabout. 

When I got back to the marina Mick and Andy were out on the pontoon doing the final benchtop cutting.  Mick's thoroughly enjoyed having a job to do!

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