Sunday 15 December 2013

We have wheels!

What a treat it is to have a car in the marina car park.  It will certainly make the coming weeks feel a whole lot less confined.

Today we went for a drive so I could check out a couple of patchwork and quilting shops.  I was hoping to find a bit of fabric for my quilt.  Our first stop was Cheadle which is just under half an hour away.  We parked the car and walked through to the main street. There was a little indoors market so we thought we'd take a look. No sooner did we walk through the door and we all but bumped right into Martin and Cathy from nb Moriarty! They had used their bus passes for a day out. We all retired to the Weatherspoons opposite for a coffee and chat. We then left them there to have their lunch and we walked on to find the quilt shop.

The lady in Angie's Patchwork and Quilting was very chatty and helpful. I managed to find a couple of new background fabrics to add to the mix for my quilt. She was very interested in the pattern for the quilt and took some photos of the blocks I had taken along with me as a guide for choosing fabric.

We bought an egg and lettuce roll and a pasty in the bakery for lunch and got back in the car to head to Eccleshall. We particularly liked Eccleshall. It was a pretty little town.  The Corner Patch was a teeny little store and Jane was helpful too. I picked one more fabric to add to my collection and that was it for the day.

I did a couple of hours work in the afternoon and after dinner we had a cards evening on nb Winton's Folly. It's been quite a while since we played cards with Barry and Carol.  The entertainment factor was first rate as usual and I'd be surprised if the rest of the marina didn't hear our racket.  At the very least they would have heard Carol's rendition of "Go West" while standing under their pram cover seeing us off.  The only words she knew of the song were those two!!!  The rest was made up of a lot of "hmmm" "hmm" "hhhhmmmm". She's so funny.

All up it was a great day. The weather is still remarkably mild and according to the weather forecast that isn't set to change in the next week. I looked up the forecast for Bendigo and they're set for a few scorchers next week with three days in a row nearing 40 degrees. We don't miss that!

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